Special Issue

Traps! Expanding Thinking on Persistent Maladaptive States in Pursuit of Resilience

We are now facing cascading crises, which can be addressed with the concept of “traps”. The debate on traps in social-ecological-technological systems will advance sustainability science by clarifying what prevents our societies from escaping unsustainability traps.

This publication explores interdisciplinary perspectives from the social sciences and bridges two fields of scholarship: the resilience approach and sustainability transitions approach. Through interactions between global, social, and human systems, it presents a unique transdisciplinary effort to understand key phenomena in and trade-offs between global and local problem solving in social-ecological systems.


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  • Terama, E., Milligan, B., Jiménez-Aybar, R. et al. (2016), Accounting for the environment as an economic asset: global progress and realizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Sustainability Science, 11 (6): 945, doi:10.1007/s11625-015-0350-4


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November 1, 2016