Transition Management in the Urban Context: Guidance Manual

During the MUSIC project, five European cities pioneered with transition management, a governance approach aimed at creating space for new paradigms and practices, to address climate change at the local level.

This guidance manual on transition management in the urban context, developed by the MUSIC project, is a great resource for anyone who feels that urban governance as we know it, instead of  providing  us  with  solutions,  is  often  part  of  the  problem.

The experience of MUSIC cities shows us that taking a different, perhaps more challenging, route can lead to interesting results not only in terms of new initiatives for climate mitigation, but also in terms of social learning, empowerment and partnerships.


Roorda, C., Wittmayer, J., Henneman, P., Steenbergen, F. van, Frantzeskaki, N. and Loorbach, D. (2014)


Transition Management in the Urban Context. Guidance Manual, Drift, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam

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The guidance manual is available in four other languages: French, German, Norwegian and Spanish. A shorter version is available in Greek.

November 17, 2016