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Transition management

Taking stock from governance experimentation

In 2001, transition management was introduced into the science-policy debate around sustainable development and complex societal issues. At that time, Transition Management (TM) posed a number of generic principles, derived from an understanding of complex societal sustainability challenges, as persistent problems. These formed the basis for the experimental development of a range of new instruments, strategies and actions to influence the speed and development of sustainability transitions.


Since its introduction, the field of transitions at large and the research and practices around the TM concept have evolved considerably, including a fundamental scientific debate, the build-up of an empirical basis and a grounded portfolio of TM instruments. In this paper we will take stock of and reflect on the advances in the field of TM, based on our experiences with experimentally applying, refining and developing the basic premises, tenets and possible interventions.



Loorbach, D., Frantzeskaki, N., Huffenreuter, L R (2015),



Transition management: Taking stock from governance experimentation, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Volume 2015, Number 58, June 2015, pp. 48-66


June 1, 2015