Experimentation with social innovation

Date 1 June, 2018
Authors Sophie Buchel

During the SIC project, experimentation processes for social innovation took place in Turin, Zagreb, Oslo and Pärnu. DRIFTer Sophie Buchel summarizes the key aspects.

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Ruimte voor transitie van landbouw naar voedsel

Date 5 May, 2018
Authors PJ Beers, Rick Bosman & Derk Loorbach

Voor NRC Live schreven PJ Beers, Rick Bosman en Derk Loorbach dit opiniestuk met drie voorstellen om ruimte te maken voor de transitie van landbouw naar voedsel.

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Positive tipping points in a rapidly warming world

Date 30 April, 2018
Authors Tàbara, J.D., Frantzeskaki, N., Hölscher, K., Pedde, ., Kok, K., Lamperti, F., Christensen, J.H., Jäger, J., Berry, P. (2018).

This research shows how to identify capacities, conditions and policy interventions which could lead to positive tipping points, to keep global warming below 2 °C.

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Urban Planet: Knowledge towards Sustainable Cities

Date 25 April, 2018
Authors Elmqvist, T., Bai, X., Frantzeskaki, N., Griffith, C., Maddox, D., McPhearson, T., Parnell, S., Romero-Lanko, P., Simon, D., Watkins, M. (Eds.) (2018).

In Urban Planet – available open access! – over 100 scientists, architects, journalists, artists, designers and activists address the challenges and solutions for urban sustainability.

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