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New Publications on Urban Experimentation in Living Labs

Two papers and one book chapter written by DRIFTers were published recently, contributing to research and insights on co-creation and urban experimentation in living labs. 

The first publication is a paper on the co-creation dynamics within six urban living labs in the Rotterdam region where citizens, entrepreneurs and policy makers are experimenting with collaborative ways to tackle wicked urban issues, such as today’s sustainability challenges. The research is part of the project Participatory City Making and is funded via NWO.

  • Co-Creation Dynamics in Urban Living Labs
    This paper is written by Drifters Emma Puerari, Jotte de Koning, Timo von Wirth and Derk Loorbach in collaboration with Philip M. Karré and Ingrid Mulder. This paper is open access! Read the complete paper here.

The second and third publication are exploring the notion of place embeddedness and the important of the socio-spatial context in relation to urban experimentation and transitions. Based on research in the Urban Living Lab called Veerkracht Carnisse in the neighborhood of Carnisse (Rotterdam) both publications theoretically and empirically assess the importance of place in relation to the transformative potential of urban experimentation. The research is part of the project Governance for Urban Sustainability Transitions and is funded by JPI Urban Europe.

  • The importance of place for urban transition experiments: Understanding the embeddedness of urban living labs
    This book chapter is written by Drifters Frank van Steenbergen and Niki Frantzeskaki and is part of the book Urban Living Labs: Experimenting with City Futures which is edited by Simon Marvin, Harriet Bulkeley, Lindsay Mai, Kes McCormick, and Yuliya Voytenko Palgan. The book can be found here.
  • Sense of place and experimentation in urban sustainability transitions: the Resilience Lab in Carnisse, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    This paper is written by Drifters Niki Frantzeskaki and Frank van Steenbergen in collaboration with Richard Stedman. The paper is open access and can be found here.

June 18, 2018