Hydrogen for the Port of Rotterdam in an International Context – a Plea for Leadership

Low-carbon hydrogen, such as green and blue hydrogen, offers a unique and rare opportunity for the Port of Rotterdam to remain a globally important energy and chemistry hub in the future. However, the Port’s industrial cluster does not currently seem to be convinced of the urgency of taking a prominent position in hydrogen developments. The cluster and the Port of Rotterdam Authority must show leadership if we are to successfully cope with the risks, uncertainties, and large investments that the hydrogen developments require.
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This report was commissioned by The Port of Rotterdam Authority. We thank all participants and international experts for their contributions in the dialog sessions and to the report. The Wuppertal Institut provided additional knowledge in the process.
DRIFT Team: Carien van der Have, Martin van de Lindt, Igno Notermans, Roel van Raak & Jan Rotmans.

June 26, 2020