Governing Urban Sustainability Transitions – Inspiring Examples

Cities offer the opportunity for decisive local action to address current sustainability issues, both in terms of policy and societal action. Alternatives can emerge and be nurtured they can be inspiring to others, or be translated for implementation at higher levels of governance.


Actions at urban level can thus have global impact. Focusing on cities as locus of change, this dossier includes nine of the most recent applications of transition thinking in urban sustainability governance. Located in Europe, the examples include community arenas, neighborhood transition labs, urban transition arenas and policy transition experiments. Next to the actual examples, the dossier introduces and shares lessons with regard to the governance of urban sustainability transitions and reflects broader on the transformative potential of communities engaged in local action for sustainability.



Frantzeskaki, N., Coenen, L., Castan Broto, V., Loorbach, D. (Eds.)



Urban sustainability Transitions.



London: Routledge. In Press.


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May 16, 2016