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Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions, European and Asian Experiences

This book offers new insights on how cities address the sustainability challenges they face – insights that are compelling for an international audience – by exploring new and innovative methods and instruments based on shared principles of a transitions approach.


The book describes the quest of cities on two continents to accelerate and stimulate such a transition to sustainability, and aims to provide insights into how cities are addressing their challenges conceptually and practically, and to learn from a comparison of governance strategies in Europe and Asia. The analytical framework is based on principles of transition management, which draws on insights from complexity science, sociology, and governance theories. Only recently this approach has been adapted to the urban context, and this book is an opportunity to share these experiences with a wider audience. For scholars this work offers a presentation of recent state-of-the-art theoretical developments in transition governance applied to the context of cities. For urban planners, professionals, and practitioners it offers a framework for understanding ongoing developments as well as methods and instruments for dealing with them.



Loorbach, D.A., Wittmayer, J., Shiroyama, H., Fujino, J., Mizuguchi, S. (Eds.)



Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions, European and Asian Experiences (2016) .





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November 17, 2016