EGA-Talk with Dr Niki Frantzeskaki: Facilitating sustainable and resilient urban transitions

What is the difference between resilience and sustainability, and how do you contribute to strong, sustainable and resilient neighborhoods and cities? Erik Giudice Architects interviewed Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki on these questions for their seventh EGA-talk.

Erik Giudice Architects is a Paris and Stockholm based architecture office, operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and design. As part of their research work, EGA produces EGA-talk: interviews with experts in the field of architecture, urbanism and related areas, as part of our ongoing cross disciplinary research aiming to envision a sustainable future.

For their 7th episode, EGA interview Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki. Niki is coordinating research on environmental governance and urban sustainability transitions by leading and being involved in a portfolio of research projects including CONNECTING NATUREIMPRESSIONSGUST, and RESILIENT EUROPE. In this short interview, Niki explains the similarities and differences between the concepts of resilience and sustainability. She offers insights -build upon experiences from recent research- on ways to contribute to sustainable and resilient neighborhoods and explains how to frame and design this process to be open to questions and criticisms, to ensure the needed innovations are truly co-created.

Watch the complete interview:

October 2, 2018