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A multi-actor perspective on the transformative potential of social enterprise

What is the transformative potential of social enterprise? To be more than a fashion or a fictitious panacea, the concept of social enterprise needs to be debated. The book volume ‘Theory of Social Enterprise and Pluralism: Social Movements, Solidarity Economy, and Global South’ is edited by Philippe Eynaud, Jean-Louis Laville, Luciane dos Santos, Swati Banerjee, DRIFTer Flor Avelino and Lars Hulgård and engages a multicontinental and pluridisciplinary discussion in order to provide a pluralist theory of social enterprise.
The challenge for researchers aiming to understand the dynamics of social enterprise, is to acknowledge the dialectic complexity between transformative change and systematic reproduction, and to develop conceptual frameworks and empirical observations that help us understand how, when, to what extent and under which conditions social enterprise can contribute to transformative social change towards more sustainable and just societies. This is exactly what this book has set out to do, by proposing a framework to distinguish and compare the different ways in which social enterprise manifests, and by exploring a rich set of empirical cases of and theoretical perspectives on social enterprise around the world.
The edited volume includes a chapter by DRIFTers Flor Avelino and Julia Wittmayer on the transformative potential of social enterprise to challenge, alter or replace existing power relations. The authors take a multi-actor perspective to unpack different concepts and empirical manifestations of social enterprise, such as the ecovillage movement, the social entrepreneurs network Impact Hub, and participatory budgeting. An accepted manuscript version of the chapter can be downloaded here.
The book ‘Theory of Social Enterprise and Pluralism: Social Movements, Solidarity Economy, and Global South’ can be purchased online. For those who cannot afford to purchase the book, authors and editors are happy to share an accepted manuscript version of their respective chapters. Are you interested in receiving an accepted manuscript of any other chapter in the book? Please get in touch with the authors of that chapter directly.

September 2, 2019