Online presentation: Transformative Social Innovation & New Economies

7 July, 2017

Both public and academic discourses share a growing interest for social innovation. But what do we exactly mean with social innovation in general and transformative social innovation in particular? Learn more about the concept, cases and relations to new economies with this keynote presentation by DRIFT’s assistant professor dr. Flor Avelino

The lecture was given at the #ESEE2017 conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, which took place in Budapest from 21st-23rd of June. The conference brought diverse scholars together  to discuss critical insights on economic and socio-ecological challenges, degrowth and social movements.

Dr. Flor Avelino gave a keynote presentation on Transformative Social Innovation & New Economies. In her lecture, dr. Avelino clarifies the concept of transformative social innovation, shares outcomes from the TRANSIT research project (with a focus on the case-study of the ecovillage movement), and connects the ecovillage movement case-study and other relevant cases to new economies. The presentation is concluded with a reflection on the question how social relations and institutional logic are changing.

Do you want to learn more about transformative social innovation? Watch the presentation by Flor Avelino, followed by Hans Peter Hansens’ lecture ‘Commons, Sustainability and Democratization’, or download the slides of the presentation here.


And do you want to read more about transformative social innovation and new economies? Read these recent publications or take a look at the TRANSIT Working Papers, which provide early access to TRANSIT research .

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  • Longhurst, N., Avelino, F., Wittmayer, J., Weaver, P., Dumitru, A., Heilscher, S., Cipolla, C., Afonso, R., Kunze, I. and Elle, M. (2016), Experimenting with alternative economies: four emergent counter-narratives of urban economic development, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 22, 69-74. Link.
  • TRANSIT Working Papers