Dr. Suzanne van den Bosch

Affiliated Lecturer Transition Academy
+31 (0)6-3049 9887
Suzanne van den Bosch is an independent researcher, consultant and facilitator in innovations and transitions. She enjoys working with creative, visionairy and pioneering people, to create a healthier and more sustainable world. Her expertise encompasses sustainable development, innovation management and transition management.
Suzannes PhD thesis (2010) focused on transition experiments: innovation projects that contribute to fundamental changes in thinking, doing and organizing. The main outcome of her thesis was a conceptual framework for deepening, broadening and up-scaling transition experiments. The framework is useful for analyzing and managing innovation projects that have the potential to contribute to transitions.
Suzannes experience entails ‘transitioning’, selecting, guiding, monitoring and evaluating innovation projects and transition programmes. With her company SUSi, Suzanne focuses on transitions to a more sustainable and healthy society and offers workshops and training on systemic innovation and transitions.

Experience Suzanne van den Bosch
  • 2013 & 2014: Lecturer for the Masterclass Transition Management at the Erasmus Academy, with a module about deepening, broadening and upscaling.
  • 2012 and 2013: Transition mentor in the European Pioneers-into-Practice Programme. In Emilia Romagna (Italy) , Suzanne is provided several trainings to a diverse group of sustainability pioneers who aim to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • 2013: Facilitator of a scenario trajectory for the Cooperating Health Funds (SGF), together with the foundation STG/Health Management Forum. STG/HMF was the Dutch network for futures research, strategy development and healthcare innovation.
  • 2006-2010: Action researcher in Transition Programme in Long-term Health Care, Transumo and Learning for Sustainable Development (LVDO) programme.

Publications Suzanne van den Bosch
  • Teije Gorris and Suzanne van den Bosch (2012). Applying Transition Management in Ongoing Programmes and Projects in the Netherlands: The Case of Transumo and Rush Hour Avoidance. In: Geerlings, H., Shiftan, Y. and Stead, D. (Eds.). Transition towards Sustainable Mobility: the Role of Instruments, Individuals and Institutions.
  • Van den Bosch (2010). Transition experiments. Exploring societal changes towards sustainability. PhD-Thesis. Rotterdam: Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Raven, R., Van den Bosch, S. and Weterings, R. (2010). Transitions and strategic niche management: towards a competence kit for practitioners. International Journal of Technology Management 51(1), 57-74.
  • Suzanne van den Bosch and Jan Rotmans (2008). Deepening, Broadening and Scaling up. A framework for steering transition experiments. Essay 02, Delft/Rotterdam: Knowledge Centre for Sustainable System Innovations and Transitions (KCT).
  • Rene Kemp en Suzanne van den Bosch (2006). Transitie-experimenten. Praktijkexperimenten met de potentie om bij te dragen aan transities. Delft/Rotterdam: KCT.