Sophie Buchel

Researcher & Advisor

+31 (0)10-4089773


Sophie Buchel earned a MSC in Environmental Science from Wageningen University, where she studies environmental policy and governance. She did her thesis research within DRIFT’s URBES project, in which she studied urban ecosystem services and the value of Rotterdam’s city parks for its citizens. After graduating Sophie worked as a strategy consultant at NewForesight, where she helped coalitions of stakeholders in international commodity sectors (e.g. cocoa, coffee, cotton, aquaculture) work on sustainable market transformation.

Sophie is interested in the roles of different actors in sustainability transitions, from citizens to governments to pioneering companies. At DRIFT Sophie works with these players, on the transition to sustainable, climate resilient and inclusive cities, and on social innovation and entrepreneurship. Together with Michiel van Yperen (MVO Nederland) and Chris Roorda (DRIFT) Sophie wrote the book ‘Ondernemen voor transitie’ (Entrepreneurship for transition): an accessible book for entrepreneurs and civil servants who want to learn how to instigate and accelerate transitions.

Sophie also has a passion for storytelling, and at DRIFT she uses these skills to bring reports, presentations and articles to life.