Sophie Buchel



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Sophie Buchel is a researcher at DRIFT. Her PhD research in the NEON project explores justice in the transition to sustainable mobility. Her area of interest is the city of Rotterdam, where she uses participatory action research to study alternative mobility futures that are accessible for everyone.
Sophie has worked as a consultant, researcher and educator at DRIFT since 2015. During this time she has supported many different actors working on sustainability transitions, from citizens to policy makers to pioneering innovators. Though Sophie has a strong expertise in mobility and justice, she has worked on many other transition themes as well over the years. These include food and agriculture, climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable fashion, social innovation, transition governance and reflexive monitoring. She holds an MSc in Environmental Science from Wageningen University. Some of her favorite projects from the past years include Food Families, Steering in Transitions, Transition to Good Fashion, School of System Change Basecamp and the Rotterdam Cycling Vision 2025. She also co-wrote the book ‘Entrepreneurship for Transition’ (in Dutch) with Michiel van Yperen and Chris Roorda.
Sophie is a down-to-earth activist and a creative storyteller with a lust for life. She brings this energy into her project and research work and hopes to inspire others to take creative and collaborative action for a better future.