Prof. Rob Raven

Rob Raven

Affiliated Lecturer Transition Academy
+31 (0)40-247 4413
Rob Raven holds the new chair in Institutions and Societal Transitions since 1 September 2014. The designated chair is part of University of Utrecht’s university strategic theme of ‘Institutions’, the Innovation Studies research group and the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development.
Raven (1975) has a multidisciplinary research background in the fast-growing field of societal transitions. Transitions are sweeping changes in  the structure of key societal systems such as energy, mobility and food. These changes are necessary and vital in solving the major challenges of the 21 century, particularly for sustainable development.
As a PhD researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Raven compared the societal embedding of bioenergy in the Netherlands and Denmark. Grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) subsequently allowed him to extend his research to the geographic and politico-strategic dimensions of transitions in Europe and Asia. The key question connecting all his research concerns the conditions needed to enable initiatives to be scaled up and contribute to societal transitions. His current research considers the way in which new initiatives such as urban agriculture, car-sharing and energy cooperatives contribute to urban institutional change.