PJ Beers

P.J. Beers

Senior Researcher & Lecturer

+31 (0)10-408 8887
PJ Beers studies and facilitates initiatives towards transition in education and in agriculture. His scientific expertise mainly concerns learning and monitoring in the context of transitions. He has developed and taught various courses about learning and transitions.
At DRIFT, PJ works as researcher, consultant and lecturer. He also holds the research chair of New Business Models for Agrifood Transition at HAS University of Applied Sciences, Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

Selected Publications
  • Beers, P. J., & Van Mierlo, B. (2017). Reflexivity and learning in system innovation processes. Sociologia Ruralis, 57(3), 415-436. Link
  • Beers, P. J., Van Mierlo, B., & Hoes, A.-C. (2016). Toward an integrative perspective on social learning in system innovation initiatives. Ecology & Society, 21(1), 3. Link
  • Beers, P. J. (2016). Welke nieuwe businessmodellen geven de landbouw toekomst? 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands: HAS University of Applied Sciences. Link
  • Beers, P. J., & Geerling-Eiff, F. (2014). Networks as policy instruments for innovation. Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 20(4), 363-379. Link
  • Beers, P. J., Hermans, F., Veldkamp, T., & Hinssen, J. (2014). Social learning inside and outside transition projects: playing free jazz for a heavy metal audience. NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, 69, 5-13. Link