Noortje Flinkenflögel

Researcher & advisor
In her work, Noortje is interested in the people in societal transitions: what pushes these people to think, act and organise differently? Which mental, social or physical barriers do they encounter, if any? And how can we take this into account when shaping strategies or policy? She finds this an important perspective, as it is key to ensure that no one is left behind and everyone gets to play a role.
At the moment, she is working on building a learning community Circular Economy for the city of Amsterdam as well as an exploration of citizen participation for the province of Utrecht. Noortje employs her background in social psychology and behavioural science to bring in a social perspective in projects. Before her time at DRIFT, she worked at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment RIVM as a behavioural scientist. Her work there consisted of formulating policy briefs around empowerment, prevention behaviour, justice and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Outside of work, Noortje loves to dance – in a studio, at festivals or at home. She is putting in the miles on her racing bike and enjoys having a good time with family and friends.