Neha Mungekar

PhD Researcher
010-408 8940

As a doctorate researcher at DRIFT, Neha’s work lies at the intersection of urban water governance and transition studies. Her interests revolve in understanding power dynamics around distribution and allocation of the water resource. She is currently involved in Water4Change project in India, where she is developing a framework to assess, and then strengthen governance capacities to transition to water sensitive cities.  
Neha hails from Mumbai, India. After completing Bachelors’ and Masters’ training in Architecture and Urban Design, she worked at the World Resources Institute (WRI) India for 6 years. As an urbanist, she was primarily involved in spatial planning, consensus building, devising innovative participatory strategies, for projects located in various parts of India. Later she shifted to the Netherlands, to complete her second master’s degree in Water Management and Governance from IHE-Delft. The research there focused on understanding access to water through the lens of political ecology scholarship and gender studies.
Neha has also been part of the teaching faculty in various urban design and planning schools of India. She is a published photojournalist and an avid traveler and writes under the pen name N-Route.
Current research projects
Water4Change (2019-2024), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and India Department of Science and Technology, Partnership Programme.