Matthijs Hisschemöller

Senior Researcher & Lecturer
+31 (0)10-4088887

Prior to Matthijs’s position with DRIFT, he taught Environmental Policy with the Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken (VU Amsterdam). His work focuses on participation and the utilisation of various knowledge sources in the transition to sustainable energy, food, cities and water, with the energy transition playing a lead role in his teaching and research. He was the driving force behind a series of stakeholder dialogues, such as Climate OptiOns for the Long term (COOL), Concrete stappen naar een duurzame Eemsmond, Duurzame waterstof, Duurzame biomassa, Duurzame energieopties voor Amsterdam Nieuw West, an energy policy for Curacao, and, for DRIFT, Smart Energy Systems.


Selected Publications
  • Hisschemöller, M. (2015). De energieke stad: tussen droom en daad. in V. Mamadouh en A. van Wageningen (red): EU@Amsterdam, ee stedelijke raad: essays over de Europese stad. Amsterdam University Preess, Amsterdam
  • Sühlsen, K. and M. Hisschemöller (2014). Lobbying the ‘Energiewende’. Assessing the effectiveness of strategies to promote the renewable energy business in Germany. Energy Policy, Vol. 69 (316-325).
  • Breukers, S,, Hisschemöller, M., Cuppen, E., & Suurs, R. (2014). Analysing the past and exploring the future of sustainable biomass. Participatory stakeholder dialogue and technological innovation systems research. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 81 (227-235). doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2013.02.004
  • Hisschemoller, M. and I. Sioziou (2013). Boundary organisations for resource mobilisation: enhancing citizens´ involvement in the Dutch energy transition. Environmental Politics, Vol.22/5 (792-810).
  • Hisschemoller, M. (2012). Local energy initiatives cannot make a difference, unless …., Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, Vol. 9/3 (123-129).