Prof. John Grin

John Grin

Affiliated Lecturer & Trainer Transition Academy
+31 (0)20-525 2108
John Grin is a full professor of ´policy science, especially system innovation´ at the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. A physicist by training, he is driven by a profound, life-long interest in the relationships between knowledge, technology, society and policy. He is particularly interested in, on the one hand, understanding the ‘politics’ of knowledge and technology and ways to analyze them; and on the other hand the question how knowledge and technology may be made to help resolve rather than create social problems.
Prof. Grin has an interdisciplinary research approach, drawing especially on political science, science, technology and innovation studies, sociology and history; as well as on science for empirically understanding the phenomena he is studying. In addition to system innovations and transitions, his research interests include policy analysis and design (including technology assessment), policy implementation, policy learning and novel modes of democratic governance. Empirically, much of his work focuses on agrofood, health care, and water management.
John Grin was co-director and co-founder of the Dutch Knowledge Network on System Innovations, specifically responsible for the KSI sub-programme on governancestudies, as well for its interface between research and practice. At the Transition Academy he teaches a module in the Masterclass Transition Management.
See Prof.dr. J. Grin’s personal page at the UvA for a detailed list of publications and CV.