Françoise Johansen

PhD Researcher
Françoise Johansen joined DRIFT in 2015 as a parttime PhD candidate building on her work and experiences as a practitioner in Dutch healthcare. She is co-supervised by Dr. Annemiek Stoopendaal of the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management. Her research focuses on the development of sustainability in healthcare in terms of meaning and significance and explores possible changes in culture, structure, and practices, and governance in the movement towards a sustainable health(care) system from a transition perspective. She hopes to complete her PhD in 2022.
Françoise Johansen is a nurse by trade and studied Healthcare Management and Policy  at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After a consulting career, she now works as company secretary and manager for strategy and policy at Fonteynenburg, a mental healthcare organization that offers supported living services.
When not at work at her day job or PhD, Françoise enjoys hiking, cooking and practicing ‘living with less’. You can also find her helping out at her husband’s chocolate factory in Rotterdam.

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Under review:

  • Johansen, F., Positieve Gezondheid: van niche-discours tot overheidsjargon. Beleid en Maatschappij.
  • Johansen, F., Loorbach, D. & Stoopendaal, A. Signaling Transition Pains: Recognizing Effects of Organizational Realignment to a Changing Context. Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance (JOEPP).