Babajide Owoyele

PhD Researcher
Babajide joined DRIFT in February 2021 as a doctoral candidate on the topic “Leveraging Design Science and Multimodal Data to Map Logic Plurality and Interconnectedness in Multiactor Constellations”. His work explores the potential of machine learning, natural language processing, data mining, information retrieval, and Big Data in augmenting current transition (action) research on agency. He focuses in particular on understanding how intermediary organisations perform (e.g., EIT) and the institutional mechanisms when these actors ‘mediate’ transition networks/arenas. He also adopts design science approaches for developing novel algorithms to dive deeper into ‘big’ transition data and make sense of such somewhat ‘wicked data’. Babajide is also supervised by Prof Gerard de Melo at the Deep Data Lab at the Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam.
He completed his Master’s degree in Global Production Engineering (Solar Technology) from Technical University Berlin in 2017. In parallel, he gained a degree program on Climate Knowledge and Systemic Innovation at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). As a product engineer, he has also worked in research positions at Wuppertal Institute, ESA BIC. In addition, Babajide graduated from Covenant University, Ota in Nigeria, with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
His recent transdisciplinary engagements bring together radically diverse novices and experts to contribute to how we leverage chaos, conflict and confusion in facilitating teams and organizations engaged in innovation and transformations. Using multimodal analysis techniques, he is currently orchestrating a team of enthusiasts building of the core code  of the Envision Toolbox/Bootcamp: A Hands-on Introduction to Multimodal (Signal) Analysis Techniques To gain Qualitative and Quantitative Understanding of Team Dynamics (which is now on YouTube)
His geeky hobby is in making a Bootcamp out of anything and everything. He plays football and tennis when he is not watching high-performing team videos or hacking African food recipes.
You can see some of his recent research here.