Annelli Janssen

Senior researcher & advisor
+31 (0)10-408 8824
Annelli Janssen is a researcher and advisor at DRIFT, working mainly on the agrifood transition and the transition to a circular society. She advises stakeholders on what their role can be in accelerating these transitions, using co-creative methods. In the project “Social perspectives on Circularity” for example, she advises the province of South-Holland on how they can support a broad and inclusive transition to a circular society. Academically, Annelli is interested in how collective identity can influence the course of a transition, and how we can organise participation in a transition in a just way. In her postdoc, she investigated influence of farmer identities and the identity of the landscape on the agricultural transition in ‘t Groene Hart, The Netherlands.
Annelli is fascinated by the interplay of different perspectives and disciplines in a complex system. This can refer to different perspectives on how to deal with soil subsidence, or for example the combination of philosophy and neuroscience. Annelli obtained a BA and BSc at University College Utrecht, specialising in philosophy, linguistics, and cognitive neuroscience. After that, she did a research master in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. In her thesis, which Annelli wrote at Macquarie University in Sydney and Radboud University in Nijmegen, she researched the methodology of brain scans. In this research, Annelli states that we should analyse neuroimaging data in a different way, in order to discover causal relations between our brains and cognition.
Before her PhD, Annelli worked at the Rathenau Institute as a junior researcher, and published a report about automatic face and emotion recognition. For a while she was a producer at NJO: a festival for classical music. This broad range of interests translates to her private life: she likes salsa dancing, lindy hop, playing the harp, and rock climbing.

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