Aniek Hebinck

Postdoctoral researcher
+31 (0)10 408 9086
The research of Aniek Hebinck at DRIFT focuses broadly on sustainable food systems change. As a post-doc she contributes to the project SIRIUS, in which the focal point is sustainability of urban food systems in European and Chinese cities. Aniek is particularly interested in the dynamics associated with bringing about food systems transformations. Key to her work is an interdisciplinary approach that includes the use of a food systems thinking, foresight and forward looking approaches, and the use of co-production processes.
Beside her work in SIRIUS, she is also one half an interdisciplinary research-duo currently working on development of equity metrics for food systems assessment. They aim to bridge the notion of quantitative assessments with the qualitative works on equity. In this she builds on her previous experiences in academia: as a PhD-candidate at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and as a researcher at the Environmental Change Institute of the University of Oxford and the Rural Sociology Group of Wageningen University. Continuing the learnings from international projects such as TRANSMANGO, SENTINEL and SUSFANS, she finds that equity is a particular weak spot in current quantitative assessments, leading to incomplete food system assessments.
Aniek has obtained her PhD at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, at the Stockholm University in Sweden. Her thesis, entitled Shaping sustainable food systems: Local participation in addressing global challenges (read more), is characterised by the confluence of various views on food and processes of change. It combines sociology, transformation thinking, foresight and food systems thinking to unpack how participation of new food system actors contributes to transformative change. Furthermore, she holds an MSc in Development and Rural Innovation and a BSc in Health and Nutrition, both from Wageningen University. Outside work, Aniek prefers to cycle around town looking for new pubs, DIY like a regular Macgyver, or go out of the city to go for walks or (in summer) swim.
Selected Publications: 

  • Pereira, L., Frantzeskaki, N., Hebinck, A. et al. (2019). Transformative spaces in the making: key lessons from nine cases in the Global South. Sustainability Science 14, 1-18. Link.
  • Galli, F., Hebinck, A. & Carroll, B. (2018).  Addressing food poverty in systems: governance of food assistance in three European countries. Food Security 10 (6), 1353–1370. Link.
  • Zurek, M., Hebinck, A., Leip, A., et al (2018). Assessing Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security of the EU Food System—An Integrated Approach. Sustainability 10 (11), 4271. Link.
  • Hebinck, A., Page, D. (2017). Processes of Participation in the Development of Urban Food Strategies: A Comparative Assessment of Exeter and Eindhoven. Sustainability 9 (6), 931. Link.
  • Hebinck, A., Galli, F., Arcuri, S., Carroll, B.,  O’Connor, D. & Oostindie, H. (2018). Capturing change in European food assistance practices: a transformative social innovation perspective. Local Environment, 23 (4), 398-413. Link.
  • Hebinck, A., J. M. Vervoort, P. Hebinck, L. Rutting, and F. Galli. (2018). Imagining transformative futures: participatory foresight for food systems change. Ecology and Society 23 (2), 16. Link.