WildCard Masterclass Societal Transitions

18 januari, 2019

De inschrijving voor de Wildcard is gesloten.
Are you interested in participating in the Masterclass Societal Transitions, but are the participation costs an uncrossable barrier for you? We believe that diversity is a crucial aspect for societal transitions and equally important in our learning environments. That is why we offer two Wildcards: the opportunity to participate in our Masterclass Societal Transitions free of charge for two motivated change makers with limited funds.

About the Masterclass
The fourth editions of the Masterclass Societal Transitions, designed by Impact Hub Amsterdam and DRIFT’s Transition Academy, starts in May 2019. The masterclass combines a critical and theoretical perspective on sustainability transitions, social innovation and entrepreneurship, with conceptual and pragmatic insights from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. We will also pay explicit attention to issues of power and empowerment. You will be taught by entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers leading the transition to a better world, including Derk Loorbach – DRIFT, Erasmus University Rotterdam | Marjan Minnesma – Urgenda | Flor Avelino – DRIFT | Tatiana Glad – Impact Hub.
The Masterclass consists of five thematic modules, spread out over 5 days and 1 evening. In these modules you will learn to:

  • Apply system thinking
  • Analyze transition dynamics in your field
  • Identify relevant actors and power relations
  • Recognize societal trends and movements
  • Design a transition intervention
  • Construct your own transition narrative

The Masterclass is designed for a diverse combination of sustainability professionals, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, researchers, policy- & decision-makers, civil servants and other changemakers. You represent a variety of contexts but share a strong commitment to being in a learning trajectory that combines intellectual input with active participation.
Read more about the Masterclass at the course page or download the brochure.
Wildcard Application
To ensure the Wildcard is given to a participant that needs support to overcome the cost barrier, and puts this opportunity to good use, we ask you to use the application form. We evaluate the applications for the Wildcard and select the applicant with the strongest motivation.
The deadline for Wildcard Application is February 28. Did you apply and are you curious about the selection? We will send you an update before March 15.