Wanted: Remarkable roadmaps and inspiring innovations for the energy transition

19 september, 2019

DRIFT is looking for remarkable and inspiring roadmaps and examples of innovative practices that walk the talk for carbon reductions. In the TOMORROW project, we partner with Energy Cities to help cities design transition roadmaps by engaging citizens and stakeholders. We are currently developing a repository of roadmaps and factsheets as part of this process and call on you to share your good practices!
This fall we are launching the ambitious roadmapping initiative TOMORROW, in which we support European cities to become carbon neutral, resilient to climate change and more liveable. The energy transition asks for radical changes and effective collaboration between local governments, civil society, business and other local key actors. Collecting good practices of roadmaps and energy innovations lays a foundation for accelerating the energy transition.
In TOMORROW we support the cities of Dublin, Brest, Mouscron, Valencia, Nis and Brasov in developing and implementing 2050 transition roadmaps for low-carbon, resilient and more liveable cities. For TOMORROW, DRIFT partners with Energy Cities, to help cities design transition roadmaps by engaging citizens and stakeholders. We are currently developing a repository of roadmaps and factsheets as part of this process, and call on people to share good practices with us. The resulting roadmap repository and factsheets of innovations will be shared publicly here and on the TOMORROW website. 
Roadmaps & pioneering practices
Local transition roadmaps can serve as a supportive and strong policy tool for cities in tackling climate change. We are therefore calling academics, policy workers and practitioners to share with us examples of remarkable roadmaps and inspiring energy innovations from around the world. Numerous cities have already employed roadmaps to direct their energy transition plans, including Muenster, San Sebastian, Grenoble, Salzburg and Manchester (see their reports here).  New energy for Rotterdam is another example of an initiative in which a roadmap is designed for the energy transition towards a sustainable and resilient city that adapts to a changing climate by involving its residents. 
Besides remarkable roadmaps, we are also interested to hear about pioneering practices that bring decarbonisation closer. These include innovations in urban governance and democratisation, business models or finance and regarding smart technologies. Examples of such innovations include the Grand Débat in Nantes and Jouliette in the Netherlands. These initiatives are innovative by creating horizontal spaces for citizen participation in the energy transition, fostering the community sense and empowering collective decision making. 
Share your ideas!
It is more important than ever to act on decarbonisation and to mobilize society for this purpose.  Since all local governments are facing the challenges of the energy transition and its ecological, economic, and social aspects, we can join forces in order to learn from each other to achieve ambitious goals. Sharing experiences and collaborating generates the synergy and engagement necessary to create the cities of TOMORROW. 
Do you want to contribute? Please share your ideas, suggestions and initiatives by completing this survey before October 20th, 2019!
TOMORROW (TOwards Multi-stakehOldeRs transition ROadmaps With citizens at the centre) aims at empowering local authorities to lead the transition towards low-carbon, resilient and more liveable cities by engaging citizens and stakeholders in the development of 2050 transition roadmaps. Do you want to read more about the project this call is part from? Visit our projectpage