Master scriptie begeleiding

DRIFT’s Transition Academy biedt Master studenten van diverse disciplines en universiteiten de mogelijkheid om hun scriptie onder begeleiding van één van onze onderzoekers te schrijven. Thema’s gerelateerd aan transities en of duurzaamheid komen in aanmerking.
Heb je een thema in gedachten en ben je geïnteresseerd in begeleiding door één van onze onderzoekers? Bekijk deze pagina en ons nieuws voor de laatste vacatures en stages en vul dit formulier in om je aan te melden. Heb je vragen over werken bij DRIFT? Stuur een email naar

Bekijk van te voren de profielen van onze onderzoekers en onderzoeksprojecten om een idee te krijgen wie en welk project een goede match zou zijn met je eigen onderzoeksinteresses.
Hou er rekening mee dat de volgende voorwaarden van toepassing zijn:

  • We bieden scriptiebegeleiding op voorwaarde dat de DRIFT begeleider formeel erkent is als (tweede) begeleider.
  • Kennisdeling: we vragen de afstuderende student om (1) een blog te schrijven over hun scriptieonderzoek om te publiceren op de DRIFT website; en (2) We ask the graduating student t0 (1) write a blog on their thesis to publish on the DRIFT/TAC websites; and (2) present their research during one of DRIFTs weekly knowledge sessions and/or to people involved with a potential casestudy
  • when applicable: involvement of DRIFT supervisor as a co-author in the event of a scientific publication based on the thesis.

Beschikbare Master Thesis Onderwerpen:

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van scripties die onder begeleiding vanuit DRIFT zijn afgerond.
Marie Oltmer, 2019. Narratives on animal-based food in agri-food transitions.
MSc Thesis: Social and Cultural Anthropology (Freie Universität Berlin)
Supervisor DRIFT/TAC: dr. Flor Avelino
Supervisor FU Berlin: Dr. Anita von Poser (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Sem Oxenaar, 2017, Mapping the financial and organizational interdependencies between the Dutch State and the fossil fuel industry.

MSc Thesis: Integrated Natural Resource Management
Supervisor(s) DRIFT: Rick Bosman & Prof. Derk Loorbach
Supervisor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Prof. Klaus Eisenack

Follow up publication from thesis:
Oxenaar, S. & Bosman, R. (Forthcoming May/June 2019). Managing the decline of fossil fuels in a fossil fuel intensive economy: the case of the Netherlands. In Wood, Baker, & Strachan (Eds.) The long goodbye? Managing the Decline of Fossil Fuels. Palgrave Macmillan
Ilonka Marselis, 2017, Envisioning and practicing sustainability transitions: A cross-case comparison of five Dutch ecovillages.
MSc Thesis:Industrial Ecology
Supervisor DRIFT: dr. Flor Avelino
1st supervisor: dr. ir. Jaco Quist (Department of Technology, Policy and Management, TUDelft)
2nd supervisor: dr. ir. Udo Pesch (Department of Technology, Policy and Management, TUDelft)

Moritz Müller, 2017, Riding into the future? Using a multi-level & multi-actor approach to analyze the entrance of sustainable technologies into urban mobility systems: The case of electric rideables in Germany.
MSc Thesis: Global Business & Sustainability.
Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. J.M. Wittmayer.
Supervisor RSM, Erasmus University: Dr.Samer Abdelnour

Marjolein Vos, 2017, Social Innovation: The Role of the Municipal Policymaker
MSc Thesis: Sociology – Urban Studies
Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. J.M. Wittmayer
Supervisor Sociology, Erasmus University: Dr. Vaco Lub

Jesse Renema, 2016 The Matryoshka doll principle of co-production: The interaction between science & politics in the EU’s knowledge politics on
social innovation and TRANSIT

Internship Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. Flor Avelino
Supervisor at University of Maastricht: Dr. Vincent Lagendijk

McFarland, Keighley, 2015, Social innovation for transitions in food: the potential of new alternative food network models in Germany and the Netherlands
Supervisor DRIFT: Julia Wittmayer, Msc
Supervisor at Humboldt University of Berlin: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bokelmann
Bernadette Kirner, 2015 “Coworking spaces and beyond: Exploring the transformative potential of coworking spaces – the case of the ‘Grünhof’ in Freiburg”
Master of Science Thesis Freiburg University, Germany.
Supervisors DRIFT: Dr. Flor Avelino & Prof. Dr. Derk Loorbach
Supervisor Freiburg University: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schraml
Silvana Lefel MSc Thesis “The transition management cycle of the Rotterdam building sector”
Master Program: Global Business and Stakeholder Management
Supervisor DRIFT: Niki Frantzeskaki
Supervisor RSM, EUR: Amanda Williams
Rach, Sarah (2014) Zelforganisatie en de institutionele omgeving. Wederzijdse beïnvloeding van een maatschappelijk initiatief en de participatiesamenleving in de casus Hart voor Carnisse.
Master of Science Thesis: Public Administrations (Governance and Management of Complex Systems)
Supervisor DRIFT: J.M. Wittmayer MSc
Supervisor Erasmus University: J. Eshuis & Prof.dr. J. Edelenbos
Maschmeyer, Steffen, 2014, Transition initiatives in perspective: Are urban agriculture initiatives modernize environmental practice in cities? The case of Freiburg, Germany.
Master of Science Thesis, DRIFT and Freiburg University, Germany.
Supervisors DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki & Dr. Jan Rotmans
Supervisor Freiburg University: Dr. Philip Spaeth
Wahl, Darin, 2014, Exploring pathways to transformations in post-disaster-event communities:  A case study on the Mad River Valley, Vermont, USA
Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki
Supervisor Stockholm Resilience Center: Dr. Per Olsson
Silvestri, Giorgia, 2013, Urban Agriculture initiatives as transition niches for a resilient Milan, Italy.
Master of Science Thesis, DRIFT and Pisa University, Italy.
Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki
Agana Mmah, Eva, 2013, Understanding the Transition in the Water and Sanitation Sector of Northern Ghana; the contribution of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). 
Master of Science Thesis, DRIFT and IHS (both) at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki
Getnet, Antenh, 2013, Enablers of a socio-technical transition towards Smart Urban Mobility System in rapidly urbanizing cities in developing countries – the case of Bangalore and Jakarta.
Master of Science Thesis, DRIFT and Utrecht University.
Supervisor DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki
Supervisor Utrecht University: Dr. Wina Graus
Bacco-Geldof, Diane, 2013,  De Impact van Sociale Innovatie. Casus Veerkracht-Carnisse. Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.
Master of Science Thesis, Erasmus University and DRIFT
Supervisor DRIFT: Julia Wittmayer

Supervisor Erasmus University: Prof. Dr. J. Braster
Rebmann, Lea, 2013,  The role of brokers for the success of learning processes in transition experiments. Utrecht University.
Master of Science Thesis, Utrecht University and DRIFT
Supervisor DRIFT: Frank van Steenbergen

Supervisor Utrecht University: xxx
Winterwerp, Rosanne, 2013,  Duurzaamheid in context Hoe krijgt duurzaamheid invulling in wijkgerichte projecten? Utrecht Universiteit.
Master of Science Thesis, Utrecht University and DRIFT
Supervisor from DRIFT: Julia Wittmayer

Supervisor from Utrecht University: Dr. Ludwien Meeuwesen


Hölscher, Katharina, 2013,   Seeds of Change? Evaluating the transition arena for urban climate governance in Ghent and Ludwigsburg
Master of Science Thesis, Utrecht University and DRIFT
Supervisor from DRIFT: Chris Roorda

Supervisor from Utrecht University: Dr. Mendel Giezen


Buchel Sophie, 2013, User perception of ecosystem services in urban parks in Rotterdam, Translating ecosystem services for citizens and identifying park perception profiles using Q methodology.
Master of Science Thesis, DRIFT and Wageningen University.
Supervisor from DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki
Supervisor from Wageningen University: Prof. Kris van Koppen


Follow up publication from the thesis: 

– Buchel, S., and Frantzeskaki, (2015), Citizens’ voice: A case study about perceived ecosystem services by urban park users in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Ecosystem Services, 12, 169-177 (doi:10.1016/j.ecoser.2014.11.014).



Wijsman, Katinka, 2012, Making Sense of Cityscapes –Ecosystem and Metabolism Metaphors in Grasping the City.
Master of Science Thesis, DRIFT, TU Delft and Leiden University.
Supervisor from DRIFT: Dr. Derk Loorbach
Supervisor from TU Delft: Dr. Ellen van Buuren


Bosman, Rick, 2012, Energy Transition in the Netherlands: Storylines from regime actors.
Master thesis, Freiburg University and DRIFT.
Supervisor from DRIFT: Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan Rotmans, Dr. Derk Loorbach
Supervisor from Freiburg Univertsity: Dr. Till Pistorius


De Haan, Caroline, 2012,   Hoe werkt transitie management op wijkniveau? De wijkarena Oud-Charlois beschreven vanuit participatieve governance.
Master of Science Thesis, Wageningen University and DRIFT
Supervisor from DRIFT: Frank van Steenbergen, Julia Wittmayer

Supervisor from Wageningen University: Dr. Ir. Laurens Klerkx



Maas, Suzanne, 2011, Making sense of complex systems, A systems analysis methodology for Urban Transition Management: the case of Ghent and its climate ambitions, DRIFT, Wageningen University.
Supervisor from DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki
Supervisor from Wageningen University: Dr. Karen Fortuin



Simanjuntak, Imelda, 2010, Flood defense policy implementation in Jakarta, Indonesia, DRIFT and TU Delft.
Supervisor from DRIFT: Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki


Follow-up publication relating to this master thesis research:
Simanjuntak, I., Frantzeskaki, N., Enserink, B., and Ravesteijn, W., (2012), Evaluating Jakarta’s Flood Defense Governance: the impact of political and institutional reforms, Water Policy, 14, pp.561-580.