Transition Policies

Connecting System Dynamics, Governance and Instruments in an Application to Dutch Healthcare.

Transition Studies is an emerging, interdisciplinary field concerned with transitions: ‘radical transformation(s) towards a society as a response to a number of persistent problems confronting contemporary modern societies’, according to Grin et. al. (2010).


Within Transition Studies, Transition Management (TM) is one of the main lines of research on influencing these transitions towards sustainability. In TM, intervention is determined on the basis of the dynamic state of the societal system. TM addresses this dynamic state in two ways: through general principles and concrete case studies. Using a policy perspectives, Roel van Raak explores in his thesis how specific dynamic states can be linked to specific strategies, to translate general principles to specific cases more systematically.


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Thesis Roel van Raak (8,2 MB)


november 17, 2016