Marretje Adriaanse Assistant Coordinator TAC

Marretje Adriaanse works at DRIFT as a temporary Assistant Coordinator for the Transition Academy. Armed with a bachelor's degree in biology and dual master's degrees in Organic Agriculture and Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management from Wageningen University, Marretje's academic journey reflects her profound dedication to sustainability.

After graduation her passion for the ocean led her to engage in coral restoration projects along the east coast of Africa. After returning to Europe – still obsessed with the underwater world - she worked as an aquarist at the Rotterdam Zoo and as a researcher and educator aboard the sailing ship Bark Europa. Marretje's diverse experiences have fueled her fascination with the transformative power of education in fostering a more sustainable society. Enthusiastically contributing to the Transition Academy, Marretje is driven by the belief that education is a key catalyst for positive societal transitions.

When she is not at DRIFT, Marretje likes to go diving, head to the boxing gym or gather with friends for some quality time.

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