Join the co-creation of the Wiki on Sustainable Just Cities

6 april, 2020


The UrbanA Wiki on Sustainable Just Cities brings together knowledge needed to create sustainable and just cities. It’s a collaborative endeavour which we invite you to join.


To help you in the process, the online UrbanA Community Conversation on April 21 will explore the practicalities of how to Wiki.


In order to transform our cities into more sustainable and just environments, we need knowledge that is relevant and accessible to as many people as possible. Currently, too much knowledge remains fragmented and inaccessible. Through the UrbanA project, we aim to bring together existing knowledge and to develop and translate it into action.


This Wiki is a key part of the project, building a knowledge commons that serves as a resource for everyone who wants to make our cities better and fairer places to live. You can use it as a resource, but also as a means of sharing your own knowledge and experience.

Currently, the Wiki contains:


  • approaches to sustainable & just cities (methods, tools, concepts, perspectives) — ranging from community gardens and Transition Towns to democratic governance and financial mechanisms
  • projects & initiatives working on sustainable & just cities
  • user profiles of people working on sustainable & just cities and using this Wiki
  • a database on Sustainable Just Cities & Covid-19


You are warmly invited to edit and adapt any of the current pages by, for instance, adding examples, correcting or complementing information. You are also welcome to add your own approaches, projects, initiatives and user profiles. How? Read more about the possibilities and join the co-creation!


UrbanA has received funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 822357.