Hoe Erasmus-studenten jouw sociale onderneming verder kunnen helpen

7 juni, 2022

Kan jouw sociale onderneming wel wat hulp gebruiken als het aankomt op maatschappelijke en milieu/klimaat-uitdagingen? Wij kennen heel wat gemotiveerde studenten die zich bezighouden met nieuwe economische modellen en sociaal ondernemerschap en staan te springen om jou te helpen.
In september gaat de minor ‘New Economic Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship’ door DRIFT en het Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE) weer van start. Daarom zijn we weer op zoek naar transformatieve sociaal-ondernemers en start-ups in duurzaamheid die wel wat hulp van studenten uit deze minor kunnen gebruiken. Inschrijven kan tot 10 juli!
(de rest van deze oproep en het tracject zelf zijn in het Engels)
picture of feniksloods enterpreneurial area in Rotterdam
Wanted: social enterprise struggles
Do you run a social enterprise and are you struggling with questions like: How can my business model have (transformative) impact? What role can my business play in current sustainability or social challenges? What social value can or does my enterprise create? And how do I position my business as a radical innovator? Then we are looking for you to get involved in our minor ‘New Economic Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship’.
Bringing together students, sustainability start-ups and social entrepreneurs
During this minor, which runs from September 2022 to November 2022, students work in groups of three to five on a challenge brought in by social and/or impact-driven enterprises. The student groups will help your organization address the sustainability, impact or business-proposition challenges it is facing. From a critical transition and impact perspective, students will look for a solution to the challenges posed while applying their (new) knowledge. The course ends with a pitch event together with all enterprises, students, and the teachers of the minor.
Here’s how to get involved
Please fill out this form before 10 July 2022. 
You will hear whether your case is selected no later than 20 July 2022. Selected social enterprises will be asked to make a 2-minute video about their social enterprise and their main question to be addressed by the students.
What do you bring in?
To participate, social entrepreneurs should be willing to:

  • demonstrate motivation and curiosity to collaborate with an enthusiastic group of students;
  • share your experience, knowledge and network;
  • commit to meet (in person or online) every 2 weeks with the group of students from mid-September to mid-November (final presentation)
  • participate in an online and in-person event in the week of September 13 (matchmaking event with students) and in the week of November 8 (final presentation/Dragon’s Den by students). Exact dates will be communicated end of August when exact class schedules are announced.

What we provide
We will:

  • support you to address a challenge that you are currently facing;
  • inspire you through the inputs and support of a group of students;
  • provide access to materials and resources on sustainability transitions, system thinking, impact measurement;
  • share our network consisting of social enterprises contributing to sustainable and just transitions.

About the minor
This minor lets students from Erasmus University Rotterdam and other universities studying disciplines like economics, business strategy, law or medicine explore new economic futures by critically engaging with academic debates around societal transitions, impact and social entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to reflect on the propositions and limitations of alternative economic models and to be part of an innovative and collaborative learning environment. 
Interested to get involved? Please fill out the registration form.
For questions related to your application please contact Marit Schouten (