TOMORROW Energy Transition Roadmapping Masterclass

19 mei, 2022 - 31 okt, 2022

As part of the TOMORROW project, this free masterclass teaches you how to build a participatory Transition Roadmap for your city. Sign-up closes 1 May 2022.
Are you involved in supporting governance for sustainability transitions while working for a local authority or in collaboration with a municipality? (For example by facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations, by running local associations or NGOs operating at city level, or by supporting the development and implementation of climate policies.) And are you interested in learning how to design a participatory transition roadmapping process in your city?
Then join us for the TOMORROW Energy Transition Roadmapping Masterclass, an intensive peer-learning programme for elected officials, civil servants and civil society actors working on energy transition governance processes in (their) cities.

“The roadmapping methodology helps us to change the perspective in our local energy policy and to help citizens to the steering wheel!” Bojan Gajić – Energy Manager of the City of Niš (Serbia)

What does this course do?
In the Energy Transition Roadmapping Masterclass, you will join peers to explore:

  • How to meaningfully engage diverse societal stakeholders;
  • How to foster a democratic legitimacy process;
  • How to create a reflexive mindset within an organisation by using reflexive monitoring;
  • How to develop strategies for the institutionalisation of the transition roadmap.

What’s the programme?
The programme will include 3 days online Masterclass in May and June 2022 and a come-back session (blended or online) in October 2022. See this brochure for a full overview.

Sign up!
Apply here by the 3rd of December 2021.