Social Learning Relay #3: Crowdfunding

14 sep, 2018 - 19 okt, 2018


Join us this September for the third Social Learning Relay, that unlocks the full potential of crowdfunding for social entrepreneurs and communities!


The explosion of online crowdfunding has made it easier to mobilise people quickly and easily around common interests and causes. Not just in greater numbers, but also accross geographical barriers. When it comes to social entrepreneurship and community initiatives, crowdfunding offers an important alternative to get  projects off the ground. But the impact for social entrepreneurs and communities goes far beyond monetary value alone. By its nature, crowdfunding provides access to wider audiences and offers the opportunity to enlarge and strengthen networks and movements.


So how can social entrepreneurs, organisations and communities unlock the full potential of crowdfunding? What are the different models out there and what types of projects are they best suited to? And how do you gauge whether crowdfunding is a suitable option for converting a great idea into a reality?


We warmly invite you to take part in our third relay on the topic of Crowdfunding. The relay includes a full day workshop on the 21st of September and an online learning journey during which you will gain hands on experience with crowdfunding in a peer-2-peer learning environment.


Format & Programme
The relay will kick-off with an online meet-up on the 14th of September and a full day workshop on the 21st of September in the city of London. During the workshop we will team up with crowdfunding experts from Nesta and inspiring social innovators to offer you an inspiring day of learning and exchange on the topic of crowdfunding for social innovation.


After these 2 meet-ups you will embark on a 4 week learning relay, during which you will support each other to gain hands-on experience with crowdfunding. What better way to do this than through launching a small campaign?!


Online relay weeks (Sept 21st – Oct 19th 2018)
For this part of the relay we will team up with creative entrepreneur Dejan Mitrovic, who has many years of experience in launching and consulting on crowdfunding projects. By means of 3 additional webinars Dejan will help us work with the Quickstarter guidelines, with one additional rule: the projects we will work on have got to be a projects that address a social or environmental challenge, as local or global as you wish.


During the relay weeks you will work in groups to develop a project and prepare it for launch on Kickstarter -one of the most well known crowdfunding websites. This can either be a project that you bring in yourself or a project brought in by another participant that you would like to support and learn from. We will cover areas such as: idea generation, building the campaign elements, creating a pitch video and developing a pre-launch strategy (marketing, PR, promotion, etc).


  • Kick-off online meet-up & webinar:  Tuesday September 11th 10-11.30 BST
  • Full day workshop in London, UK: Friday September 21st 2018
  • Peer-to-Peer (online) Relay rounds: Sept 21st – Oct 19th 2018
  • Online closure event: Oct 19th 2018


Why should you join?
Whilst it’s easier than ever to launch a crowdfunding project, it can also be intimidating to  compete with the likes of Sony, General Electric and Samsung, and their massive R&D and marketing budgets to back up crowdfunding campaigns. The relay aims to lower the barrier to get started and will help you gain valuable experience using crowdfunding as a tool for social innovation.


You bring in a learning question around the topic of crowdfunding and -if applicable- a project you want to crowdfund. We will provide a fertile ground for you to boost your knowledge in this area and learn from and with the other participants to move your initiative a step further.


For who?
The Social Learning Relay is aimed at social entrepreneurs and members of communities and networks working on social change and innovation.


Are you interested in exploring or further developing crowdfunding actions for your work in an inspiring, peer-2-peer learning journey?

Apply now!


Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the full potential of crowdfunding and the suitability of different models for your own work
  • Gain hands on experience with running your own or a fellow participants crowdfunding campaign
  • Establish new connections at a personal level & with other social innovation networks and initiatives;
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge & tools in a peer-to-peer learning environment
  • Empower and support each other


What do you bring in?

  • Motivation & curiosity to be part of an experimental learning format
  • Communication: share experience, knowledge and network
  • Participation: in workshop, the relay & final skype session
  • Action: organise a ripple effect activity during the two month period of the relay.
  • Time investment: 2 hours a week during 4 relay rounds.


Participation is free of charge, but we do work with an application procedure to ensure a good match between the projects that participants bring in and the content and format of the relay. If you would like to take part in the relay, we kindly request you to apply via the online application form.


The third relay is organised by Young Foundation in collaboration with Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) and DRIFT as part of SIC (Social Innovation Community). SIC is a Horizon 2020 Programme funded project, and run by a consortium of 12 leading organisations across Europe. SIC will run from February 2016- 2019. Find out more at:


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Marijke de Pous via 


About Dejan Mitrovic
Dejan is the founder and creative director of studio Kidesign. Kidesign specialises in educational games, toys and activities for kids. Kidesign has been around since 2010 and in these years has launched different products that encourage children’s creativity and imagination: eg. Kideville – bringing 3D printing into schools through a fun city-design game and an innovative curriculum. Densters – a family of little monsters which clip onto furniture, hold blankets and help kids build forts and dens, encouraging them to play with their surroundings and develop imagination.

Kidesign also runs many design and architecture workshops for kids and families in museums across the UK. Dejan is also part of the founding team at Department 22, a design consultancy specialising in innovation, tech, food and the circular economy. One of their latest products is a compact, plug-&-play hydroponics unit designed for homes and schools, allowing people to sustainably grow organic food indoors and reconnect with nature! Alongside Kidesign and Department 22, Dejan also lectures at various universities in London (Royal College of Art, Imperial College, Cass Business School).