Masterclass (NL) Accelerating the Energy Transition 2017

16 mei, 2017 - 12 sep, 2017


Climate change, geopolitical tensions and earthquakes in the Northern region of the Netherlands evoked a call for a sustainable energy system, but unfortunately, the Netherlands are lagging behind when it comes to transitioning towards renewable energy sources. Nevertheless, signals show that this transition is underway. Innovative new players are claiming a more prominent role, the energy system is decentralizing, and a landmark agreement was reached at COP21 in Paris that will drive new regulations and initiatives.


To deal with the uncertainties and harvest the potential that come with these developments, DRIFT’s Transition Academy offers Accelerating the Energy Transition. This 5-day masterclass has been designed for anyone wanting to boost their knowledge of the change dynamics and to increase their ability to navigate uncertainties, opportunities and questions accompanying the energy transition.


The masterclass, consisting of five intensive days over the course of five months, combines a critical perspective with pragmatic tools and insights from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. To tap into the latest research and practice of sustainability and energy transitions, we invite renowned researchers, challenging lecturers and innovative entrepreneurs to teach. By combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning, the course strikes a balance between intellectual challenge and practical wisdom. Participants learn to apply system thinking, to analyze transition dynamics in the energy system, to identify actors, trends and power relations, and to design a transition intervention.


Masterclass Accelerating the Energy Transition
Masterclass Accelerating the Energy Transition 2016


The masterclass is designed for a diverse combination of professionals, entrepreneurs, government officials and change makers who aim to foster change in the energy system. Participants represent a variety of contexts, but share a strong commitment to being in a learning trajectory that combines intellectual input with active participation.


Interested in participating in the Masterclass Accelerating the Energy Transition? Click the link below or get in touch with Mees Schouwenaar.


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