Webinar: Does your city have a framework for nature-based solutions?

02 okt, 2020

Whether they be pocket parks, green roofs, or community gardens, implementing nature-based solutions on an effective scale is complex. So join Kato Allaert, Marleen Lodder and partners from Connecting Nature in this UrbanByNature webinar on frameworks for nature-based solutions. You can now register to join us Friday 2 October 2020 at 2PM CEST.
Designing and implementing nature-based solutions on a scale that delivers economic, environmental and social co-benefits, builds resilience and benefits biodiversity is complex with many different issues to consider. In response to this uncertainty, the Connecting Nature partners have developed a process tool to help cities and other organisations navigate the path towards the large-scale implementation of nature-based solutions. 
A nature-based program
In the webinar you will be introduced to the Connecting Nature Framework for nature-based solutions in cities. Kato Allaert will take you through the framework, illustrating its value with examples for the Connecting Nature cities. Cristian García-Espina Adank from ProMalaga will tell you all about how to frame nature-based solutions priorities and the clustering activities of the city of Malaga (Spain). Saba Pipia, Deputy Head of the Department of Environment at the Tbilisi City Hall will introduce you to how the management of municipal forests is been applied as a nature-based solution for climate resilience in Tbilisi (Georgia).
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This free webinar takes place on Friday Oct 2, 2020 2:00-3:00PM CEST and will be moderated by Philipp LaHaela Walter (ICLEI Europe) and Shushanik Asmaryan (CENS, Armenia). Click here to register.