(Re)Defining Urban Circular Change: a Masterclass with Prof. Dr. Saskia Sassen

25 feb, 2019

What might be needed for a more resilient urban future? Dive into questions of urbanity and the presumed value of the circular economy in the Masterclass (Re)Defining Urban Circular Change with Prof. Dr. Saskia Sassen.

From 24 to 27 February 2019 the World Resources Forum 2019 ‘Closing Loops – Transitions at work’ (WRF’19) will present inspiring keynotes and Global Sessions, interactive workshops and circular site visits in close collaboration with partners and stakeholders. All with one common goal: showing how to close the loop and make the transition towards a circular economy work.

One track focuses on Cities and Regions as Laboratories for Circular Change. Prof. Dr. Saskia Sassen and other keynote speakers will set the scene in a Global Session on this topic. Apart from this Global Session, there will be a complementary Masterclass, organized by K.U. Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Circular Flanders and DRIFT.

The organizers kindly invite students from different disciplinary backgrounds to participate in this Masterclass. Please secure your place by registering before 21 February, following this link. The fee is 100 euro’s, this includes participation in the Masterclass and full-day access to the WRF’19 on Monday 25 February. This special offer is only valid for students and PhD’s.

(Re)Defining Urban Circular Change
Urban development needs to be scrutinized against a background of urgent social challenges. Prof. Dr. Saskia Sassen represents an authoritative and critical voice as to what might be needed for a more resilient urban future. How do we govern modern globalized city-life and how do we integrate the notion of a transition towards closed loops systems effectively in the urban context? How does it contribute to sustainable welfare, the quality of life and social equality? How do we imagine (multiple) pathways with a healthy balance between market mechanisms, state-led interventions, and more cooperative and citizen-based initiatives?

This Masterclass reaches out to students from various disciplinary backgrounds. It is an excellent opportunity to dive into questions of urbanity and the presumed value of the circular economy. In an interactive setting, specific research questions or cases are challenged with insights from urban critical theory, sociology, planning and governance. Enrich your knowledge, learn from others and contribute to the academic and policy agendas on urban transitions towards more circular societies.

Date & Location
The Masterclass will take place at Monday February 25 from 2 to 4 PM, at WRF’19, Antwerp, Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre (FMCCA). This new conference centre is located next to the Antwerp train station.

Do you have any questions? Contact Elmar Willems or Caroline Newton, or register directly!