PhD defence: Governing the transition to a circular economy

23 jun, 2022

We are in a transition zone – a state of uncertainty and fluidity of structures and practices – between a linear and a circular economy. This Thursday, Rachel Greer will defend her thesis that looks into the uncertainties, dilemmas, tensions, and paradoxes that arise during this transition zone. The ceremony, starting 23 June at 12:45 PM CEST can be viewed online.
In current business and practice, our society produces and consumes along the lines of “take-make-waste”. But as we’re running out of many materials and under mounting environmental threats, transformative change is needed to protect the earth’s natural resources on which human life depends. We need fundamental, structural, and systemic change to production and consumption patterns: a transition to a circular economy.
In her dissertation, Rachel Greer, synthesises the results of her research into ten lessons for strategizing and governance to create favourable conditions for circular economy practices. She also identifies seven paradoxes that emerge in the transition to a circular economy. 
This Thursday, starting at 12:45 PM CEST, Rachel will defend her work in the Senaatszaal, Eramus University Rotterdam.
>>> You can view the ceremony online using this link <<<

  • 12.45 / Entrance Senaatszaal
  • 13.00 / Presentation Rachel
  • 13.15 / Defense to the committee
  • 14.00 / Committee deliberation
  • 15.00 / End of ceremony