Online event: Justice in Motion

07 dec, 2022

For this two-hour online event we invite transition makers and thinkers working on mobility and justice. We want to empower initiatives and networks to undertake just mobility transitions in their localities. Sign up now for a multidisciplinary panel discussion with academic and transition practice experts, as well as network practitioners advocating for mobility justice. The event is part of the event series on Just Sustainability Transitions

Justice in Motion: a multidisciplinary panel discussion on mobility justice
At 7 December, 13:00 CET, we will kick off the event with presentations providing you with three complementary perspectives on mobility justice. The first perspective coming from Dr. Anna Nikolaeva will have us looking into how mobility justice can be translated across borders. DRIFTer Emil Beemer will then take us through the transition perspective, presenting action-oriented research on mobility justice. To end the round of presentations, Stephanie Johnstone-Laurette will take the stage to speak about the Ecology Action Centre (Nova Scotia, Canada) experience with urban mobility justice in relation to Active Transportation (AT). These presentations will be followed up by a plenary panel discussion including all three presenters.
As the Just Sustainability Transitions research network, our goal is to examine the central role of translocal networking in creating and sharing knowledge among actors, as well as to take part in the practical process of networking ourselves. That is why we strive to bring together both the hands-on experience of network practitioners and the knowledge generated by academic research. This pairing allows us to examine how critical research and praxis can be better integrated to serve the goal of promoting just sustainability transitions in cities.
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The JUSTRA Cities Network project of the Vital Cities & Citizens (VCC) initiative in collaboration with the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions.
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