Join Our Online Event ‘Societal Transition in Uncertain Times’

19 mei, 2020

These are uncertain times, prompting questions about societal change. Do you want to learn more about our individual and collective role in this transition? Join us for our online event “Societal Transitions in Uncertain Times” #MCSOTRA on Tuesday 19 May.
We are all living through highly uncertain times. Some believe the current crisis is a chance to transform society and build a better future while others fear that it will make existing injustices worse. What then, is our individual and collective role in societal change towards a more just and sustainable world? If we are in a great transition, how can we feel equipped and empowered to play that role to the best of our abilities?
You will get a taste of how you can contribute to systems change from wherever you are.
The event will include two inspiring talks by Tatiana Glad, Co-Founder & Director of Impact Hub Amsterdam, and Flor Avelino, Senior Researcher and Lecturer at DRIFT and Academic Director Transition Academy. There will also be time to connect and discuss with other participants in break-out rooms.
Based on their experience at DRIFT for Transition & the Impact Hub Amsterdam, our speakers will give you thought-provoking input on the topics of agency, power, and empowerment in transitions. You will catch a glimpse of existing social movements and how they are contributing to transformative change, and you will learn about the role of social entrepreneurship in societal transition. After this, you will have the opportunity to discuss in groups how we can individually and collectively contribute to societal transition.
How to participate

Programme Tuesday 19 May
15.25 – Virtual walk-in (event will be held via Zoom)
15.30 – Start event
15.45 – Keynotes by Flor Avelino & Tatiana Glad
16.45 – Short break
16.55 – Two break-out rounds to discuss and reflect
17.15 – Harvesting & closing
18.00 – End
Keynote 1: Flor Avelino – Power & Empowerment in Transformative Social Innovation
In this session, we will introduce the basics of transition thinking and sustainability transition theories. We will share some insights into important debates on power and empowerment and what they mean for transformative social innovation. We will then introduce the theory of transformative social innovation and discuss examples of social movements and translocal networks that are working on social innovation and transformative change in practice (e.g. global ecovillage movement, community energy, slow food, participatory budgeting, etc.).
Keynote 2: Tatiana GladAgency in Transition: The Role of Entrepreneurship
In this session, we will explore social or impact entrepreneurship, what role it plays in transitions generally and in specific issue areas e.g. sustainable food. We will step into the shoes of such an entrepreneur to understand how to work towards systemic change while enabling tangible action, and share some examples related to COVID-19. From this, lessons learned in navigating complexity will be explored, including how to be an intrapreneur within an organisation during times of uncertainty.
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About the organisers

  • DRIFT is a leading research institute on and for sustainability transitions – read more about DRIFT’s activities.
  • Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of the fast-growing global Impact Hub network of impact entrepreneurs and innovators – see Impact Hub for more.

About MC SOTRA 2020

  • The next edition of the Masterclass Societal Transitions will take place from 26 to 30 October 2020 with a comeback day on 22 January 2021. Read more