Interested in the future of prosumer energy systems?

24 jun, 2020

Prosumers produce what they consume. Are you curious about the potential of prosumer technology for our future energy provision? Apply before Thursday 18 June and get the chance to win a wildcard for an expert e-workshop on the future of prosumer energy systems.
Do you want to get insights into state-of-the-art EU prosumer initiatives and discuss the pressing regulatory and technical challenges with peers & experts from the field?
Join our 24 June workshop
In this workshop a select international group of engineers, practitioners and policymakers are brought together to discuss what a decentralized and digital energy system could look like and what challenges local energy storage, energy sharing, and systems integration bring. In a highly interactive setting, we’re hosting discussions supported by innovative methodologies, like backcasting and visioning. Expect an inspirational session full of critical thinking and mutual learning, and insights that provide perspective and leverage to push for more inclusive energy futures all over Europe!
This workshop is for…
The workshop is designed for energy engineers, system operators, practitioners, regulators and policy makers. 
Our aim: building a roadmap
The aim of the session is to build a roadmap for 2030: where do we want the future of energy inclusiveness to go and what obstacles need to be overcome? We anticipate on linking these insights to the national implementation process of the Renewable Energy Directive legislation, which is taking shape across Europe in 2020. Questions that will be discussed include:

  • What does a desirable decentralised and digitalised energy system look like to prosumers? – i.e. will we be energy islands or part of a global interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) community?
  • Which conditions (social, economic, technological, ethical, security and data protection, educational, and financial) need to change to get there? 
  • How do these futures relate to the ongoing transposition of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) into national policies in the EU member states?

Time, location & date
The e-workshop will take place from 10:00-16:00 CEST on 24 June 2020 via Zoom
How to apply?
Please fill out this form before Thursday 18 June 2020. You will hear whether you are invited to join the workshop on Friday 19 June. A workshop programme will be shared once you are confirmed as a participant. 
Workshop background
Energy cooperatives, energy communities, local governments or other not-for-profit organisations have the potential to thrive by building on the potential of prosumer technology. However, the implementation of these technologies is not straightforward and financial, regulatory and technological hurdles need to be overcome in order to make prosumer futures reality. To explore which conditions need to change to get there, ClienthEarth, IOEW, UNIZAG FSB, CEDelft and the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT – Erasmus University) are organising an international workshop on the futures of energy systems for prosumers – actors who both produce and consume energy.
This workshop is part of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 PROSEU project. For more information visit
If you have any questions regarding the workshop or the wildcard application, email Alexia Falisse: AFalisse at clientearth dot org