IABR 2022 Academic Transition and Design Sessions

05 nov, 2021

Let’s bring the worlds of transition and design closer together! In this series of three online academic workshops, we will explore how transitions research and design contrast and complement one another. Our aim is to co-create development-by-design: a transformative methodology that challenges the mainstream governance logics of policy and management, which will feed into SHOCK AND ROLL, the 2022 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. This is a free event; we just need you to sign up.
Design and transitions research are more relevant than ever: transformative change is happening in real-time and policy, business and communities are increasingly aspiring to accelerate and guide transitions to just, sustainable futures, but so far seem to fail to deliver. It becomes increasingly urgent to bring ambition into action: to find a way to work with institutional disruptions to reinvent economic systems and to find ways to let go of the old to create space for discovering the new.
Researchers working with design and transitions have over the years contributed to the shifting focus towards transformative change and developed tools and approaches to support it: framing, envisioning, back-casting, prototyping, transition arenas, experimentation and social learning for example. Design and transition research have this way both pushed for a more transformative governance culture. They complement each other through their shared orientation but here are also subtle and more prominent differences in the way these two disciplines approach and tackle complex societal challenges.
In a series of online academic workshops, we aim to explore these complementarities and differences to co-create a symbiosis: development-by-design. We use this as a working title to refer to a transformative logic and methodology that challenges the mainstream governance logics of policy and management.
The workshops are based on a concept note and will include an information session and two work sessions that facilitate vivid discussions as well as imaginations on what transition and design could offer and learn from each other.
The outcome of the sessions will be synthesized in a joint paper as well as a method that will be the basis for the 2022 International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam the Netherlands, for which DRIFT director Derk Loorbach has recently been appointed Chief Curator.
Session & sign-up info
Friday 5 November 09:30-11:00 CET / Introduction
Thursday 2 December 09:30-12:00 CET / Tensions and synergies
Wednesday 12 January 09:30 – 12:00 CET / Process and practice
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