How to get justice on the menu in urban food futures?

31 mei, 2022

Over the next decades, how can we grow & eat food that is healthy, planet-proof and just? Sustainable food practicioners and food systems scholars face tough dilemmas: do we spare nature with intensive food production in designated areas, or do we share the benefits and duties of food production through local food chains? While we are worried about desertification of arable land, how do we also keep fighting the food deserts forming in our towns and cities? And why is attention to future food systems often so focused on the middle class and the Northern Hemisphere?
Join us 31 May, 15:00-16:30 CEST for the 7th online event in our Just Sustainability Transitions series. Come discuss with Julian Agyeman and Aniek Hebinck how to organise just future food systems in our cities. Register here.
We are welcoming all those who are interested in the theme of just sustainability transitions. By no means do you have to be a ‘food expert’. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce you to sustainability and justice work in the urban food domain and discuss the opportunities & struggles that it offers for your work on just sustainability transitions.
During this event, we will discuss sustainable and just food futures from the perspective of multiple organizations, projects and networks. We invite Julian Agyeman and Aniek Hebinck to share their insights and experiences.
After the talks, there will be room for questions to the speakers using the tried-and-tested chat storm format. In this format, participants nominate the questions that they would like to have discussed by the speakers. This way, participants decide what issues are talked about and what direction the conversation takes. Then, we reserve the last hour for a world cafe on urban food futures: a great chance to meet and learn from other practitioners, academics and (casual) foodies.
More information about the agenda will follow in the coming weeks.
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This event is a collaboration between the Vital Cities & Citizens Erasmus Initiative and the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT). It is part of DRIFT’s Food Futures Month. Throughout May 2022, DRIFT will be highlighting the great urgency and excellent work being done across the globe for transitions to just & sustainable food & agriculture systems, together with partners such as VCC & the European JPI Research Project SIRIUS.