Beyond food for thought: where should agri-food systems research go?

08 jun, 2022

On 8 June 2022, 15:00-16:30 CEST/UTC+2, join us as we gather five food futures experts on Zoom to discover which directions sustainable food systems research should go in the next decade. This is your chance to experience and discuss the scientific perspective, justice aspects and the concept of telecoupling. You can now register for this event.
Against a backdrop of massive humanitarian, social and ecological strain, the transformation of agri-food systems has considerable social momentum. This event is an interactive, online follow-up on the article “Beyond food for thought…“, which identifies gaps in agri-food systems debates and outlines four avenues for food transitions research in next decade. (And an unofficial sequel to the 31 May #JustSustainabilityTransitions event “How to get justice on the menu in urban food futures?“)
So join three of the article’s authors, and two special guests, to discover the potential of various research fields coming together to contribute to future and just food systems. Through discussion of two of the four avenues for future food transitions research, we also hope to broaden food futures research and action beyond the (so far) standard considerations. We are delighted to co-organise this event with the Environmental Change Institute of the University of Oxford.
Full program & guests
15:00 / Timo von Wirth: Welcome to the session, food systems introduction
15:10 / Aniek Hebinck: A scientific perspective, introducing learnings from the paper ‘Beyond food for thought
15:20 / Julia Tschersich (UU): Deep democratic governance for just transitions in agri-food systems
15:40 / Odirilwe Selomane (CST): Discovering distant connections in food systems with tele-coupling
15:55 / Q&A moderated by Monika Zurek
16:25 / Closing + thanking
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Event photo by Sebastian Dahl.