New minor: Advancing new perspectives on economic thinking

10 May, 2017


We are very excited to announce a brand new, transition oriented minor is now on offer at Erasmus University Rotterdam! In cooperation with Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE) and the Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR) DRIFT has developed a minor in which students will be challenged to explore new futures of the economy.


In this transition-focused minor we will link up to Blue City010, a hub for new entrepreneurship such as ‘Aloha’, ‘Rotterzwam’ and ‘Fruitleather’, and funded by impact investor iFund. During the minor, students will be challenged to critically engage with transformative entrepreneurs and academic debates around economic transitions. The minor won’t just focus on academic theory, but will invite students to take a deep dive into the everyday practice of new business models and value propositions and ask them to think of their own business solution.


Are you curious about how economics and entrepreneurship can be a solution to current global challenges? See our course page for more information.