PHD supervision

DRIFT provides a unique environment for PhD researchers interested in (transdisciplinary) research in transition studies. Besides positions in funded research projects, DRIFT also welcomes PhD candidates who have their own research proposal and are able to secure funding for their project through private resources or grants. If you are interested in this option, please read the conditions  below.

Basic Conditions

Writing a PhD-thesis is an inspiring but also challenging process. It requires a very considerable investment of time of both the PhD-student and the supervisors. Research institutes in the Netherlands receive a reimbursement for the supervision, after the PhD-students has successfully finalized the thesis and received the dr. title.

Because DRIFT is an independent institute that receives no financial support from the University, it has no temporary funds for the supervision of external PhD-students. This means that DRIFT is entirely dependent on the retrospective reimbursement after successful completion of the PhD-thesis. DRIFT is willing to carry some of the financial risks to invest in external PhD-students. However, the external PhD-student is expected to share at least a small part of that financial risk. As such, we can offer the following: The PhD-student pays a yearly fee for the supervision. This fee is (partially) reimbursed when the PhD-student obtains his or her PhD-degree via DRIFT/ Erasmus University.

Get in touch with us via for more detailed information.

Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities

As a PhD researcher at DRIFT you are also a member of the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (EGSH). The graduate school provides our PhD’s an additional research and training infrastructure as well as a social environment which aims to enable talented young researchers to explore new pathways and to share and test ideas and experiences.

For obtaining a PhD at the EUR, each PhD candidate has to follow the doctoral regulations. An important amendment in these regulations is that a Training and Supervision plan (TSP) has to be drawn up for each PhD candidate (and hence also for each external PhD candidate).


The PhD track will be evaluated on a yearly basis and prolonged when both parties give their consent. At the end of the first year, the PhD-student is requested to hand in a full research proposal including state-of-the-art review, research question, hypotheses, methodology and time plan. Based on this research proposal, the involved supervisors will give the PhD-student a go/no go advise.

The PhD candidate has the right to terminate the agreement at any time, after which a recalculation of the fee will be made on the bases of the services provided by DRIFT up until that point.

Application procedure

If you are interested in applying please take a look at our application procedure.