Master Thesis Supervision

DRIFT offers master students from various disciplines and universities the opportunity to write their thesis on transition and/or sustainability-related themes under supervision of one of our researchers.

Do you have a topic in mind and are you interested in writing your thesis under the supervision of one of our researchers? Interested to join us? Check our vacancy page frequently for internships and vacancies.

For more information about working with us, please send an email to

Please take a look at the profiles of our researchers and research projects before you do so, to get an idea of who and/or which research project might be the best match for you own research interests.

Please take note that the following terms will apply for master thesis supervision

  • We provide thesis supervision on condition that the DRIFT supervisor is formally acknowledged as a (second) supervisor.
  • Knowledge sharing: we ask the graduating student to (1) write a blog on their thesis to publish on the DRIFT website; and (2) present their research during one of DRIFTs weekly knowledge sessions and/or to people involved with a potential case study.
  • When applicable: involvement of DRIFT supervisor as a co-author in the event of a scientific publication based on the thesis.
  • Please note that you need a person at your University / department that is willing & able to sign your internship contract and a resident permit to study/live in the Netherlands.