X-curve toolkit: A sense-making tool for system change

Date 10 Feb, 2022

To achieve a deep transformation by translating global agreements into concrete actions remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. The X-curve is a visual aid that can help with this challenge, allowing individuals to map transition dynamics and create a setting where interventions for transformative change can be co-created.

Transitions are fundamental changes in the culture, structure and practices of societal systems. The X-Curve is a visual tool aimed at creating a richer understanding of the transition dynamics within society or a specific context (e.g. neighbourhood, city, region, etc.). It creates a common language and understanding of the societal dynamics currently at play.

The X-Curve is a powerful tool for:

  • Understanding systems
  • Awareness and priority setting
  • Supporting decision-making and experiments
  • Manage learning and institutional change

This toolkit provides some background and practical info on how to use the X-curve and examples of its application.

Giorgia Silvestri
Gijs Diercks
Cristian Matti

This material is part of a collaboration between DRIFT and EIT Climate-KIC Transitions Hu

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