The Connecting Nature Framework: Mini guidebooks

Date 22 Mar, 2021

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Pocket parks, shared gardens and blue-green infrastructure – these nature-based solutions can have many benefits for a city’s citizens, businesses and nature, but implementing them is easier said than done. This is why DRIFT, as part of the Connecting Nature project, co-produced the Connecting Nature Framework: a holistic framework that employs three phases and seven elements to help you harness the transformative potential of nature-based solutions in your city.

To introduce this framework, we created seven mini guidebooks, one per each element. We hope you reading them makes you smile, frown, wonder or get enthusiastic, or whatever else you do when you find a new way solution to a well-known problem.


The Framework Guidebook

An introductory guidebook to the overall Connecting Nature Framework and a series on each of the individual elements to assist you to develop your nature-based solution.
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The Reflexive Monitoring Guidebook

Reflexive monitoring is an evaluation method that gives urban practitioners insight into the progress of their project in real time. It helps them evaluate day-to-day activities and to respond to them while considering the bigger picture. This is especially helpful when addressing the complex challenges nature-based solutions tend to combat, such as climate change and social exclusion.
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The Co-Production Guidebook

Let this book introduce you to co-production. What are the outputs and benefits of co-production? What are the principles that can help define and evaluate co-production processes? And how can you design co-production processes step by step?
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All seven mini guidebooks

We are highlighting these three here, as they are the guidebooks DRIFT was most closely involved in. But that is not say the other guidebooks on nature-based enterprisesgovernancefinance and technology aren’t equally valuable.

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