Adapt to survive: Business transformation in an uncertain time

Date 3 Feb, 2021

How long can the world continue pursuing consumption and growth on the back of ever-increasing efficiency? And how can business and governments take the transformative actions necessary for human survival? In this first UNEP GEO for Business brief, Derk Loorbach and co-authors make the case that for businesses to survive, they need to define success differently.

This brief bring the science of the Global Environmental Outlook to the business community to support them in developing plans, business strategies, technology pathways, mechanisms and enablers towards building a green and circular economy.

Because the age of ‘business as usual’ is over. Organisations from across the economic landscape need to step up their efforts towards environmental sustainability coupled with wholesale economic and societal change. The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a profound impact on corporate governance, and the global climate and nature crises pose an even greater challenge. It is more important than ever that businesses are resilient and adaptable to changing market conditions and help to lead the way in building back better.

Key messages of the brief:

  • The scale of global environmental challenges is unprecedented
  • Business transformation is critical and possible
  • Shifting toward a nature-positive approach is the best way for business to transform
  • How? Redefine your purpose, disrupt from within, change the definition of success, find new partners and set nature-positive goals (and report on those)!

Future briefs in this series will explain how to adapt to deep decarbonisation, transform global food systems, build environmentally sustainable and resilient infrastructure, build circular economies and what role finance plays in all this.

Derk Loorbach

Funded by
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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