Wouter Mulders Communications coordinator

+31 10 408 9615

Within DRIFT, Wouter is working almost exclusively on communication. In addition to managing the DRIFT website, keeping its Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts up to date and curating the DRIFT News newsletter, he is also in charge of DRIFT’s look & feel and is continuously developing DRIFT’s PR and audio-visual strategy. And he is involved in a number of longer-term projects such as SHARED GREEN DEAL and JustWind4All.

Wouter has a background as a translator and an editor. Before joining DRIFT, he worked for Rabobank for about six years as an Editor & Platform Manager in the RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness (FAR) department. Prior to that, he worked with several translation agencies as translator and project manager and taught English and Dutch in various settings. Wouter completed a BA in English Language & Culture with Utrecht University, was a Harting Scholar at Trinity College Dublin and holds an MPhil in Literary Translation with honours from that same university.

Outside of work, he loves cooking, Ultimate Frisbee, playing board games and (loud) music. He is also known for his love of cheesy puns, archaic vocabulary and his obsession with his cat Gerrie.

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