Martin van de Lindt Senior Researcher & Advisor

+31 (0)10-408 8775

Since his retirement in 2018, Martin has worked at DRIFT as a part-time researcher and advisor. In his work, Martin applies the concepts of transition and (tailor-made) transition management to research and policy recommendations in various projects. The common thread in his work is contributing to much-needed urban and regional transformations towards sustainability.

His projects focus on the energy transition and circular economy, as well as city-making with specific attention to (the link between) physical and social developments such as well-being, health, care and resilience. In addition, he is particularly interested in applying and (further) developing transition concepts to analyze, monitor, evaluate and learn from transformation processes.

Martin is a social geographer (graduated from Utrecht University) and specializes in regional and urban development, sociology of building and housing, and research methods and techniques. Before 2018, Martin was employed at TNO for 14 years, where he worked in the field of transitions at the Strategy and Policy Group. Before that, he worked at ICIS in Maastricht together with Jan Rotmans and Derk Loorbach on the theory and practice development of transitions and transition management. Martin has previously gained more than 20 years of work experience with large research and consultancy projects within and outside the Netherlands.

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